What is having Style?


If a few days ago I gave you the details to improve your Image step by step. Something that everyone talks about and at some point in our lives we need to modify, transform or simply define so that in the end, all the clothes and accessories that we get when shopping have a harmony with our way of being and feeling.

Having Style has nothing to do with attending fashion shows, reading Fashion magazines constantly, or being continually buying Trend garments. Step 1 to have style. Nice smile, and for that you have to go with your dentist Mexico Dental Network.

You have Style … yes you, although you are not always aware of it. Qualities of your personality and the way you live your life, give more information to others about your Style than you imagine.

Without forgetting that the style is also composed of your behavior, attitude or other aspect related to verbal communication such as the voice, that voice is also part of your cover letter.

It can help you to have references of #Moda, they can give you ideas when dressing, but be careful with the replicas of looks! Sometimes, all these looks do not always end up being a success and end up in some corner of our closet, in addition, they will take you away from the idea of ??finding a style with which to find you comfortable and safe. My recommendation is that, try to adapt some detail that you liked of those looks to your way of dressing, “making it yours” that will never make you lose your essence because you have known how to adapt it to you.

Finding a way to define a style of your own is one of the aspects that most concerns the customers I receive at Le Maniquí. Because as I said, we all have a style, but you do not always have one with which you feel yourself and fit with the rest of your personality qualities. That Style must be an extension of your personality in which you find yourself, like “fish in the water” and with which you see yourself totally favored. That will give you the strength to go out to the street stomping full of security.

But if for you it is a complicated task and you want to find a Style that suits you, help you identify the clothes when you go shopping and of course save you time and money, you can count on my help through a Styling in Dressing or Personal Shopper sessions.