A common but complex situation is that you are attracted to a friend. Do you want to leave the friendship zone and go further?

It is normal that sometimes some girls do not pay attention to them because they think you not very nice, but sometimes small things can achieve great things such as a beautiful denture that is what everyone looks on your face. instead of spending money on her trying to like you should spend money on you to be more handsome for example go to the dentists in Tijuana Mexico is a good choice to have a hollywood star smile.

Make them miss you

If suddenly you disappear or begin to be more “scarce”, he will notice your absence and will want more of you. Since you no longer pay so much attention, or spend more time with your affairs, you will have a feeling of loss and want to be with you.

Unfortunately, if in your absence or silence, he does not even remember you, it’s because he does not consider you.

Some competition

If you start to see other friends of the opposite sex and tell them the fun things you did with them, you will probably get jealous because, after all, you are “your girl.” When he sees that maybe he can lose you, he’s just going to step forward to get out of the friendzone.

Flirt with him

Among friends do not flirt, so this is the best time to start doing it. When you see that you get cute for him or that you start using your weapons of seduction, like a push up bra and he will not want to be your friend anymore, he will want something more.

Invite him to a non-appointment

If you do not dare to invite him to go out on a real date, you can simply find the perfect excuse to be alone. Ask him to accompany you to make a purchase or some procedure and once they do, you will see that between chat and talk they will end up in a bar taking something

Be honest

Can not you stand it anymore? Do you think that something similar happens to him but he is not encouraged to take the first step? Then there is nothing better than being honest and saying what you feel. If they are really friends, there is some confidence to talk about feelings, therefore, you should take advantage of it and encourage yourself once and for all.

Having a friend that makes your heart throb is quite common, who did not? The important thing is to play and fight for that feeling, and not let embarrassment or frustrations take you away from what you really want.