Sleep Errors Affect Your Beauty

Who would say that there is a right and wrong way to sleep?

Well, it turns out that you have probably been doing it wrong this time, because it is not normal for you to have a hard time waking up and, to top it off, you feel sleepy ALL day.

You sleep with your dog: The same and you feel more protected with your dog in bed, but their movements could interrupt your sleep cycle without you noticing it. To make matters worse, your hair may cause sneezing or a runny nose, even if you are not allergic.
You have different sleep schedules: It’s okay to suddenly go to sleep at a different time, but in most cases, you should go to bed at the SAME hour. Your sleep cycle depends on your consistency, and if you are not consistent with this, your body will not be able to adapt well.
You do not have a ritual before you sleep: Yes, you’re tired, but that does not mean you’re going to sleep better. Experts suggest that you have a prior ritual so that you feel comfortable with proper sleep. Your ritual may include a beauty treatment, a little reading, maybe fixing your things for the next day … who knows, the important thing is to prepare you to sleep better.
Eat sugar before sleeping: If you like to eat a sweet snack at the end of the day … forget to sleep well and wake up rested. If it is excess not only affects your sleep also your teeth suffer the consequences if your consumption is excess, try that if you go to root canal Tijuana the reason is not that you ate many candies. Sugar creates horrible chaos in your hormone levels, many of which play an important role during the sleep cycle. When you get into them, you may suffer from insomnia, or even from many sleep interruptions.
Take sleeping pills: It is valid to take sleeping pills VERY from time to time, but doing so regularly alters the sleep cycle, making it irregular and difficult to get. Technically this is not an addiction, but it could become a serious problem. In such cases, meditation and relaxation techniques are recommended to get to sleep.
You watch TV before you sleep: Watching your favorite series would relax you and get you ready to go to bed, but the light emitted from the TV could alert your body and later cause insomnia. And the same happens with the light of the cell phone and the tablet. It is best to leave these electronic devices at least one hour before sleeping.
Take many naps: It will be very tempting to want to take a nap, but even if it feels like a little taste of heaven, alter your heart rate, which would hinder your sleep cycle later. If you can not avoid napping outright, make sure it does not last more than 20 minutes.