4 Reasons Why Men’s Alpaca Sweaters are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you are about to be let in on a big secret: while this holiday is normally associated with pleasing her, men love to be surprised with gifts of love on this special day just as much as the ladies do. However, men can be more difficult to shop for. On any other occasion a sports jersey from their favorite team would be deemed as an ideal gift. But men actually appreciate gifts that go beyond the norm on Valentine’s Day; they value something meaningful that comes from the heart, and men’s alpaca sweaters are one such gift perfect for expressing heart’s strings.

High Quality Fibers Made With Love

When you shop for alpaca men’s sweaters from reputable retailers that source their products from Peru, you are investing in a piece of apparel made with love. Alpaca wool comes from family farms in Perus that generally go back hundreds of years. The alpaca is considered a sacred animal to the people of Peru. Their fibers are hand-shorn and collected to make sweaters, hats, scarfs, gloves and other items thus continuing the cultural history of the people who care for the alpaca. Alpaca sweater production allows these families to continue their livelihood, put food on their tables, and continue their beautiful tradition.

2. The Earth Loves Alpaca Sweaters, so Will He

Alpaca fiber production is very kind to Mother Nature. All fibers are hand-shorn meaning no machinery is used in the searing process. Once the fibers are collected that are hand washed without the use of chemicals thus making alpaca farming natural and safe for the environment. Alpacas could even be the most eco-friendly animals on the planet down to the fact that their soft padded hooves reduce environmental impact, they produce more fleece than sheep, and their drinking and eating habits are greener than those of other grazing animals. When you surprise your husband or boyfriend with an alpaca sweater, be sure to let him know that you love him as much as Mother Nature loves the alpaca!

3. The Fashion Runway Loves Alpaca Sweaters as Much as You Love Him

Alpaca sweaters went from being the hush-hush luxury apparel to strutting down the runways of top fashion designer brands. Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hugo Boss, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent have all used alpaca fibers in their fall and winter lines. Cashmere used to be the talk of high fashion, but alpaca sweaters have made a huge splash in this realm. When you give the man you love a Peruvian alpaca sweater, be sure to let him know that Prada and Versace loves alpaca as much as you love him!

4. Alpaca is Strong, Wrinkle Resistant and Won’t Stretch Like Cashmere

Your love for that special man in your life has likely seen times both low and high. But hey, that’s what makes strong relationships even stronger, and because you two fit so well, you stuck together. Alpaca sweaters behave the same way. They are made from an incredibly strong fiber that won’t wrinkle or stretch out. In other words, they stay true to their fit ensuring that he will always be cuddled by the fabric in a warming, true fit that reminices your love for one another.